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Turbos Wider Training Group Named

on Monday, 22 February 2016. Posted in Turbos News

Manawatu Turbos Rugby Mitre 10 Cup

Manawatu Turbos Head Coach Jeremy Cotter has named a 51 strong wider training group for 2016.

Both Cotter & new assisstant coach Rhys Archibald have opted to start the Wider Training programme sooner than in the 2015 season. As Cotter outlines the purpose of the group is to not only to work with contracted Turbos as well as fringe players during the club season it also serves as a vehicle to enhance the skill level present in Senior 1 Rugby;

"While it gives us a good chance to see if some guys have got the goods to compete at Mitre 10 Cup Level we can also help individuals lift their game and in turn the quaility of the overall club competition."

One position that will remain hotly contested will be the Turbos Hooking spot with a number of considerable canditates in the mix. Elsehwere the halfbacks are without Jamie Booth who is currently away playing for Newcastle in the United Kingdom.

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Turbos Wider Training Group

Tuki Raimona - OBM
Hakarangi Tichborne - Linton
Sean Rankin – Yellows
Fraser Armstrong - OBM
Robin Praat – Varsity
Sam Tufuga – Varsity (A)
Isaac Gulliver - Marist

Travis Taylor – Yellows
Nick Grogan - Varsity
Tim Cadwallader - COB
Corey Purton - COB
Bob Foreman – Varsity

Tom Hughes – Varsity
Tom Parsons – Te Kawau
Liam Hallam-Eames - OBM
Cam Rutherford - Yellows
Liam Mitchell - Te Kawau (A)
Manaaki Selby-Ricket - COB

Valentino Mapapalangi – Kia Toa
Antonio Kiri Kiri – OBM
Neal Tudreu – Kia Toa
Kepu Tuifua – Yellows (A)
Doug Juszczyk - Varsity
Amon Panikoula – FOBO (A)
Mark Atkins - OBM
Ollie Brosnahan – FOBO (A)
Nathan Tweedy – FOBO (A)

Ben Edwards – OBM
Karl Bryson - COB
Kayne Hammington – Yellows
Toby Morland – Te Kawau

Sam Malcolm – Varsity
Ben Wyness – Yellows
Ethan Woodmass – Te Kawau (A)

Hamish Northcott – Varsity
Taare Ferris – Kia Toa (A)
Shadyn Osgood – OBM (A)
Curtis Reid – COB
Jamie Perigo – FOBO
Osea Rokubo – OBM
Jaxon Tagavaitau – Linton
Te Atuaere Albert – Te Kawau

Shai Wiperi – FOBO
Luther Hirini – FOBO
Newton Tudreu – Kia Toa
Nathan Tudreu – Kia Toa
Jordan Bunce – Kia Toa
Ambrose Curtis
Sam Healy - Varsity
Sai’a Teumohenga – Yellows (A)
Hamiora Thomas – Linton

(A) Denotes Academy players

Sessions starting 6pm Monday 22nd February, Field 3, Arena.
Next session 6pm Wednesday 24th February, Arena
Then every Monday, Weds till 16th March, venues TBC