A Country Day Out

on Friday, 28 July 2017. Posted in Turbos News

A Country Day Out

Yesterday afternoon the full squad set out to pay a visit to some of our most enthusiastic supporters: our country school kids.

Stopping at Glen Oroua School, Bulls School, Makiriki School and Halcombe, the team met with some pretty tough challenges. Although they sailed through physical tasks such as dodgeball, limbo and indoor skiing – the boys struggled when they came under fire from some pretty hard-hitting Q&A sessions.

Bulls School Principle Kim Gordan explained that it was essential to catch the players unawares by preparing questions earlier. Speaking about the players she said the visit provided the kids an insight into team culture that they just couldn’t get from a match “They were just fantastic. Despite the weather, they just made it work. I’m always telling the kids that they’re not made of sugar – so everyone just rolled up their sleeves despite the rain. I think they’ve won themselves a few more supporters”.

All in all, it was a cracking way for the team to take a bit of a break from their usual training, and for the new members of the squad to witness just how much the team means to our rural community.

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