Three Cyclones Named in NZ 7s

The squad for the first time will feature Manawatu 7s star Janna Vaughan. Janna played an integral part in Manawatu’s third National 7s title at the start of the year putting in a performance that quickly grabbed the attention of the National Side’s, as coach Sean Horan pointed out;

“Janna is very physical around the contact and at the clean out so in 2016 we thought this was something we needed to look at.”

Manawatu Rugby NZ7s Janna Vaughan

The ever reliable Sarah Goss remains in the squad as leader in chief. Taking the helm as Captain Goss will no doubt be asking for a big effort from her teammates as they NZ side attempts to restore some vigour and dominance to their game that has been lacking so far in the series.

Standout Manawatu 7s player Selica Winiata has also been named in the squad. Selica carries plenty of x-factor into any competition however as Horan explains there is much more thought into long term this year as opposed to the what is at hand in the World Series;

Manawatu Rugby NZ7s Selica Winiata

“The focus for 2016 was getting the squad ready for Rio and it would be great to win the World Series. Australia has jumped ahead pretty dramatically which is great for the game, but we believe 2016 is not going to be remembered for the series, it’s going to be remembered for Rio. Our focus is to get a quality squad with depth that can do the job in August.”

Atlanta match schedule
(Atlanta is 16 hours behind NZT when daylight saving ends on Sunday 3 April)

Friday 8 April
1358 v Japan
1642 v Spain
1926 v USA

Saturday 9 April

Source: Mike Jaspers, NZ Rugby